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Zoe Doll and Susy Gala show us their flexibility

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Description: Susy Gala is good by herself and all, but she really is pretty lame here as far as "fitting in" to the threesome goes. You know, like, just finding a way to involve herself in the whole thing when she's NOT the one getting fucked or whatever. Whenever the other girl was the one sucking dick, or fucking, or whatnot, like, half the time Susy would just do this thing where she'd go get all close and up against her, stare directly into the camera, moan kind of awkwardly, and then just bounce in sync along with her. I don't know, it was just all pretty awkward looking if you ask me. Haha oh, and speaking of awkward looking, what the fuck was with that whole 'between-the-legs-standing-bent-in-half-on-top-of-a-stool' blowjob routine, and why the fuck were they get so set on getting it work?
Channel: Reality Kings
Pornstars: Zoe Doll Susy Gala